Youth Services

Student raising hand in classroom.

CIDNY’s youth transition program for high school and college students with disabilities aims to help students figure out their next step into adult life using The Next Step curriculums. The workplace readiness curriculum is a 6 – 9 weeks program, and the college prep curriculum is a 5 – 7 weeks program. We teach students the soft skills needed for success such as effective communication and managing a budget, as well as teach students how to advocate for themselves as they continue on to college and/or the working world. For students who want to work right after high school or during college, we help them prepare their resumes, learn how to prepare for an interview as well as how to do an interview. For students who see college as an option, we provide information on preparing for it. Activities are included to create awareness of laws that protect people with disabilities, which is needed for successful independent living. The Next Step program’s workshops and presentations are tailored to the needs of the students we serve so they can start their life after high school with confidence and knowledge of the laws that protect them.  

CIDNY youth services also helps parents and students understand their Individualized Education Program (IEP) services by providing information through presentations, individual office appointments, and/or through advocacy services at IEP meetings.