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Traveling in New York City isn’t easy. The availability of transportation is critical to the ability to work and to participate in the community. Due to New York City’s public transportation infrastructure, people with disabilities in New York City take public transportation at a much higher rate (52.6%) than
nationally (5.4%) or at the State (24.3%) level. However, barriers persist. Inaccessibility of the subways and lack of ADA compliant curb cuts inhibit travel to work.


Let CIDNY help you understand and apply for your options. For more information, please contact CIDNY at 646-442-4186 and ask to speak to a Benefits Counselor.



Access-A-Ride – An MTA funded program that lets vehicles pick up and drop off those who are unable to use mass transit due to disability or age. 

Access-A-Ride Fact Sheet

Reduced-Fare Metro Card – An MTA program that provides people with disabilities with reduced-fare transportation.

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