A Message From CIDNY On Recent Events

CIDNY grieves the loss of George Floyd and so many others who have died at the hands of racists, including police. We condemn the racist threat directed at Chris Cooper in Central Park. We condemn the day-to-day racist aggressions that are not caught on cell phones. These deaths and threats are painful, shameful, and all too frequent. And, they have deep roots in U.S. history.

Protests and civil disobedience in the fight for civil rights are part of CIDNY’s history and current practice. We are proud that our organization reflects that history, seeks to mirror the diversity of our community, and includes and supports the leadership of people with disabilities who are Black, Latino/a, and Asian-American in the community and on our Board and staff. Fighting for equal rights is fundamental to all the work we do.

Every day in our work we witness the impact of racism and ableism in the lives of the people we serve. We see education, employment, health, and housing disparities among people with disabilities based on race as well as disparities between people with disabilities and those with no disability. We seek each day to eradicate inequality through the work that we do. In this pandemic, we have pointed policymakers to the higher death rates in black communities and urged allocation of resources to reflect the higher need. We educate the public and policymakers about the double burden of racism and ableism.

We applaud and join with people who seek racial justice. We are grateful for the outpouring of statements made by our allies denouncing racism. We support efforts to dismantle the institutional racism that devastates our lives and communities. We need to work together to transform our society. We hear you and we offer our support.