Statistics only tell part of the story. People sharing their experiences makes the impact of programs and regulations more understandable. Sharing your own story is empowering and can help to create lasting change. We use storytelling as a tool for advocacy for people with disabilities.

Sharing Info On A Homeowner's Benefit: Gary

From a Nursing Home to My Own Home: Bob

Relying on the Kindness of Strangers for Prescription: Elliot

CIDNY Makes The Difference For Children With Disabilities And Their Families: Gloria

Hurdles to Prescription Drugs = High Risk for Patients: Kyle

Independent Living Centers Help Youth With Disabilities Reach Their Goals: Leslie

All I Need is an Accessible Apartment: Michael

Access to Community-Based Long-Term Care: Myron

Affordable, Accessible Housing Can Help People Stay Out of Institutions: Todd

Co-pays Prescription: El

Paying for Prescription and Not Enough for Basic Need: Deborah

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