Rapid Transition Housing Program (RTHP)

Female wheelchair user smiling.

The Rapid Transition Housing Program (RTHP) provides rental subsidies for high-need Medicaid beneficiaries.

RTHP was previously known as Nursing Home to Independent Living (NHIL). RTHP ensures seniors and people with disabilities can afford accessible, safe, sanitary, and sustainable housing in the community. Each participant will be assigned a Housing Specialist (HS) and an Independent Living Specialist (ILS).

How does RTHP work?

  • Provides ongoing rental subsidy.
  • Locate units that are at or below Fair Market Rate (FMR) set by HUD.
  • Individuals are required to pay 30% of their income and utilities (if not included).
  • Individual’s income must be at Extremely-Low Income as determined by HUD Annually.
  • Community Transition Services (CTS) are available to pay for furniture, essential household furnishing, small e-mods.
  • ILSs provide wrap around services to ensure participants are connected to providers/resources.