Reduced-Fare Metro Card

Transportation is the second biggest barrier to employment for people with disabilities. We work to improve transportation access in NYC with active campaigns on curb cuts, subway elevator access, accessible taxis, and improving Access-A-Ride (paratransit).

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What is a Reduced-Fare MetroCard? (Spanish, Chinese)

The reduced-fare card is a benefit available to seniors 65 years of age or older and people with disabilities that allows you to buy MetroCards for half of the regular fare.


Image of a reduced fare MetroCard for people with disabilities.


Will it cost me anything?

A reduced fare is half of the base fare, $1.35, or less with Reduced-Fare MetroCard discounts.

Which New York transportation services offer reduced-fare benefits?

  • MTA New York City Transit subways
  • MTA New York City Transit and MTA Buses (local buses anytime, express buses anytime except during weekday rush hours)
  • MTA Long Island Railroad and MTA Metro-North Railroad anytime except weekday rush hours to NYC terminals.

How can I apply for the card?

You can apply by mail: Print the application for seniors or for people with disabilities from the MTA website. Enclose a 2” x 2 1/2” photograph. Enclose a photocopy of acceptable proof of age: valid driver license, valid passport from any country, NYC Department of Aging ID card, Medicare card, Access-A-Ride ID card, MTA Reduced-Fare ID card (pre-1995), or proof of qualifying disability.

Mail to: MTA New York City Transit Attn: Reduced-Fare Program 130 Livingston Street Brooklyn, NY 11201-9625

You can apply in person: Bring 2 valid ID’s (see acceptable proof above) to the Reduced-Fare MetroCard Walk-In Service Center at 3 Stone Street, in Lower Manhattan between Broadway and Broad Street. The Service Center is open weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm (except holidays).

You may also apply at a MetroCard Bus or Van. Find the schedule here.

What form of identification do I need?

  • Valid driver license
  • NYC Department of the Aging ID card or
  • Valid passport from any country
  • NYC Department of Aging ID card
  • Medicare card (Medicaid card is not accepted) or
  • Access-A-Ride ID card or
  • MTA Reduced-Fare ID card (pre-1995)

How do I pay for my reduced-fare card?

MetroCard Vending Machines in subway stations accept cash, credit and debit card. You can also apply for an EasyPay account. EasyPay lets you link your credit or debit card to your Reduced-Fare MetroCard so it refills automatically as you use it.

What if I do not use my Reduced-Fare MetroCard?

There are no charges if you do not use your Reduced-Fare MetroCard.

EasyPay Accounts

EasyPay accounts allow you to pay for your reduced fare card automatically with a credit or debit card.

How do I open an EasyPay account? To open an account you must complete an application form, which you can get online at You can open your account for as little as $10.00 and you never pay more than $60.50 (one-half the current cost of a full-fare monthly Unlimited Ride MetroCard). You will earn a 5% bonus for every $5.50 added. The application will ask for your credit or debit card information so that whenever your balance on the reduced-fare card goes below $10.00 it can be brought up to the minimum.

How does an EasyPay account work? You pay automatically for your reduced fare card with credit or debit card. Once you sign up for this way of paying, your credit or debit card will automatically be charged when you reach $10 or less on your reduced fare card.

What if I need help with my EasyPay account? For assistance call or write to the EasyPay Account Service Center. Always include your name, EasyPay MetroCard account number, current mailing address and daytime telephone number.

Mailing Address: EasyPay MetroCard Account Service Center PO Box 52021 Newark, NJ 07101-8221

Toll-Free Telephone Number: 1-877-323-RIDE (7433) or 1-718-330-1234 (during non-business hours) 9 AM to 5 PM weekdays, except holidays 9 AM to 2 PM Saturday

What if I want to cancel my EasyPay account? You may close your EasyPay MetroCard account at any time and get a regular Reduced-Fare MetroCard. Any balance in your Reduced EasyPay account will be refunded.

Do I get a monthly statement? You can get your statement information online at or call EasyPay Account Service Center at 1-877-323-RIDE (7433) to ask for a statement. EasyPay MetroCard statements and other notices are sent to the address you provide, so it’s important to call the EasyPay MetroCard service center if you move or need to change your payment information.

What if I think my statement is wrong? You must notify the account service center at 1-877-323- 7433 if you have questions regarding any charges. You have 90 days to notify the account service center.

How can I get help?

For all MTA services, dial 511 or contact CIDNY at 212-674-2300 and ask to speak to a benefits counselor.

Updated 8/9/17.