Accessible Absentee Ballots are now available for New York voters with disabilities for the June 23, 2020 Primary Election.

  1. A voter who is unable to mark a paper ballot because of a disability can request an accessible ballot using the request form found here: You may need to download this form to your device and open in Adobe so you can complete and send by email.
  2. The voter must email their completed request form to their country BOE on or before June 16. Voters can sign the request form with text input or e-signature.
  3. The county BOE will email the accessible absentee ballot to the voter as soon as possible after it receives the voter’s request form. The county BOE also mails a postage paid return envelope and oath envelope to the voter.
  4. On the electronic ballot, the voter can mark their selections on the computer and print it out at home.
  5. The voter must sign the oath envelope anywhere on the envelope, then put the ballot in the oath envelope. The voter must put the oath envelope in the larger envelope provided with paid postage by the county BOE. A voter must get the ballot in the mail by June 22, or hand-deliver it to the county BOE by June 23, 2020.

If you have any questions or need help with the ballot please email

A flyer with the above steps is available for you to download, share, and distribute here:

Have you voted?
Your responses to our survey are an important tool for improving voting access and the voting experience for people with disabilities. Please tell us about your voting experience.

CIDNY’s ongoing voting rights project surveys the accessibility of poll sites in New York City to assure that voters with disabilities can vote at their local poll sites, as part of their community, without facing any barriers. As our survey work has shown, just getting in the door at neighborhood poll sites remains a significant barrier to voting for people with disabilities. If you would like to be a part of our poll site surveys, or have other questions, contact Monica Bartley at

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