CIDNY Action Network

CIDNY's Action Network (CAN) is made up of people with disabilities who come to CIDNY for individual services, as well as others who care about justice and equality for people with disabilities.

We have monthly meetings where we learn about disability issues, practice advocacy skills, and plan activities to create change. CAN volunteers testify at public hearings, attend housing rallies, and meet with state legislators. Find out more about what it means to be part of CAN. If you subscribe to our email list, you will get Action Alerts about urgent disability issues. You'll be given a sample email to send or talking points for a phone call to your legislators or other policy makers, and with one click, your message will go to the right email addresses - or we'll provide step-by-step details on who to contact and how. You can also find major federal laws CIDNY supports, tips on how to be an effective advocate, contact information for letters to the editor, the status of any state bill, and much more.
CIDNY and advocates rally to save the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary.

What is CAN?

CIDNY’s Action Network is made up of people with disabilities, as well as others who care about justice and equality for people with disabilities. Each of us brings our experience, our strengths and our energy to monthly meetings where we plan activities, learn about disability issues, and practice advocacy skills. Throughout the year, we take action steps to create change, such as:

  • Attending public events to find out whether they are accessible.
  • Sending email messages and letters to lawmakers asking them to vote for or against bills that matter to people with disabilities.
  • Meeting with state and city government officials to explain how their decisions affect our lives.
  • Testifying at public speak-outs about health insurance and special education.
  • Together we can change how the government, businesses, and others in our community treat people with disabilities.

For more information about CAN or to participate in the group, please contact Mbacke Thiam at 646-442-4147 or, or join online.