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NY Connects Program

CIDNY’s NY Connects Program’s goal is to link disabled New Yorkers with the right resources to help meet their long term care needs. CIDNY has recently hired twenty-six new staff members to join the NY Connects Team. With a presence in each borough, benefits counselors will offer peer-centered counseling and connect disabled New Yorkers to local services and programs. Through a standardized comprehensive screening process, NY Connects benefits counselors will provide personalized counseling to help participants make informed decisions and can assist in accessing available long term services and support options to meet existing or future long term services and support.

CIDNY’s NY Connects is currently partnering with several ILCs throughout the city so we can have a physical presence in every borough, as well as partner together to get the word out about what NY Connects can do to seamlessly serve the disabled population in our city.

CIDNY’s NY Connects is a trusted service to get free information about the range of supports that can help a person with disabilities (PWD) remain independent in their daily life, whether they want to live in their home, a nursing home, or other residential setting.

Staff members at each of the five NY Connects sites (one in each borough) can offer useful information on and connect a PWD to local services and programs. A PWD can get information over the phone, by email, or by walking in to one of the five locations.

Who We Serve

NY Connects serves individuals of all ages and income levels wanting to learn more about long term services and supports in New York City. Typically we serve:

  • Adults of all ages living with a long term disability
  • Adults with a disability regardless of income source(s)
  • Younger adults living with a long term disability
  • Caregivers of adults and parents of children with a disability, and
  • Professional service providers working with someone in need of long term services and supports.

How to Contact Us for Help with Long Term Care Goals

Launching officially on September 1st 2017, the NY Connects benefits counselors can be reached at  844-862-7930 and at the NY Connects website.

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