MYCIL Research 2024

MYCIL RESEARCH – Minorities Youth Center for Independent Living

We are currently running an innovative Youth Transition Program designed for youths with disabilities. We and are in the process of recruiting participants for an important study.

CIDNY is conducting the MYCIL Research Study, for which we are actively seeking participants. Our target demographic is Minority Youth aged 14-24 who are out of school, with or without employment, and who face a disability and barriers to employment. Space is limited and we are in search of 100 participants.  

Participants in the study can earn $105. They can now partake in the study remotely, removing the need to visit our Manhattan office. The study involves completing a baseline Enrollment Survey, a Self-Directed Search Career Inventory, and a My Vocational Situation, all of which should take less than two hours. We offer an initial $30 for completing the Baseline Survey and an additional $75 gift card upon completion of the Self-Directed Search in 6 months. The key advantage for participants is gaining a career inventory that could significantly aid in their pursuit of relevant education and employment opportunities.

We are flexible with scheduling and can accommodate virtual meetings from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday, with potential adjustments as needed.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you. 


Please Contact:

Joel Taveras, MsEd. CRC

Director of Employment Vocational Rehabilitation

Office Phone: 646-442-4146

Mobile Phone: 646-726-1960


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