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Below are some of the media stories that have featured CIDNY.


Amid rising debt, New York MTA aims to keep accessibility promises (The Bond Buyer)

Mount Sinai Beth Israel announces its closure after serving community for more than a century (News 12)

What you can do to help voters with disabilities  (Epicenter-NYC)

Elected officials, neighbors push back on Beth Israel closure plan (Crain’s)

Disability rights advocates call for improved access to early voting (Epicenter-NYC)

The Road To Inclusion (Able News)

The Terrible Blues Can Hurt Unnecessarily (Able News)


Assisted Living Options For People With Disabilities (Forbes)

The Bronx Social Justice and Anti-Violence Forums | Center for Independence of the Disabled New York (BronxNet)

NY Eye and Ear Infirmary closure fear continues (The Village Sun)

Fatal fire sparks discussion about emergency accommodations for those with disabilities (News 12)

Preventing Sexual Assault Against NY’ers with Developmental Disabilities (En Español) (Public News Service)

Questions swirl as lawsuit draws billionaire investor deeper into Epstein scandal (The Guardian)

Disability advocates celebrate with caution (Caribbean Life)


NYC Comptroller Lander Tackles Accessibility Issues From Harlem To Hollis In Disability Justice Roundtable (Harlem World Magazine)

Why Aren’t Homeless Shelters Accommodating People Who Have Disabilities? (Shelterforce)

Hunters Point Library architects sued over building’s accessibility issues (CBS News)

Accessibility lawsuits are bringing slow but steady wins for disabled city residents (Prism)

Help For Disabled People Struggling With Their Mental Health (Smiley News)

The Road To Inclusion (Able News)


NYC’s Access-A-Ride e-hail costs to rise despite complaints (NY Daily News)

How did a New York public library by Steven Holl Architects get accessibility so wrong? (LA Times)

NY Disability Advocates Seeking E-Bike Safety Measures (En Español) (Public News Service)

New York City Sues Queens Library Architects Over Lack of Accessibility (NY Times)

CIDNY Spotlights NY Connects Program (Able News)

We Can All Be Superheroes (Able News)

ELEVATORS COMING State Judge Approves Subway Agreement (Able News)


New York City sues architects who designed Hunters Point library over ADA compliance (Crain’s)

NYC sues architecture firm behind new Long Island City library over accessibility issues (6qft)

City sues Hunters Point Library architects (Queens Chronicle)

Hunters Point Library Designer Sued By The City Amid ADA Violations (Patch)

For Manhattanites with Disabilities, Trek to Prove Access-A-Ride Worthiness Gets Worse (THE CITY)

State & Federal Courts Grant Final Approval to Historic Settlement to Make the NYC Subway Accessible to People Who Need Stair-Free Access (Legal Reader)

Can a P3 Make New York Subways More Accessible to Disabled Users? (Engineering News-Record)

CIDNY Features Wellness Fair (Able News)

May Blossoms Good Mental Health (Able News)

NY Group Hosts Wellness Fair for Mental Health Awareness Month (En Español) (Public News Service)


Courts sign off on subway access deal (Queens Chronicle)

Video: Disabled Commuters Say it’s the MTA vs. Them (Columbia News Service)

Finding Our Voice And Using It (Able News)


New York City, state grapple with MTA budget woes (ABC News)

Fed up with the inconvenience, disability advocates demand reliable elevators at subway stations (amNY)

Eyewitness News Segment: 9:22 Rally for Working Elevators (ABC 7 Eyewitness News)

Advocates for disabled send message to Gov. Hochul, MTA: Fix broken elevators at subway stations (CBS News)

Busted Elevator Lawsuit Still Stuck as MTA Vows More Lifts and Ramps in Subways (THE CITY)

Advocates Urge Age Cap Removal on NY Medicaid Buy-In Program (En Español) (Public News Service)

What Is Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)? (Forbes)

Students with Disabilities: Advocate for Yourself (American Bar Association’s Student Lawyer Magazine)

Brain Injury Can Happen To Me And You (Able News)


Disability Inclusion In The Workplace (Authority Magazine)

Opinion: MTA, Reinstate the Mask Mandate on Access-A-Ride—Now! (City Limits)

Disability History – PIVOTAL YEAR 1978 – PART TWO (Able News)

Leadership From The Triple Lens Of Diversity (Able News)


Harlem’s Espaillat, Hawk And Others Praise Mayor Adams Working People Agenda (Harlem World Magazine)

Disability groups gather in Times Square to advocate for mask mandates (News12)

MTA expanding pilot program allowing open strollers on New York City buses; some riders with disabilities voice concerns (CBS News)

Bronx CB7 Looks Forward to Subway Upgrades & More in 2023 (Norwood News)

A New Beginning To A Fiscal Restart (Able News)


Rise in Mental-Illness Issues Seen in Holiday Season (En Español) (Public News Service)

Advocates Fear The Impact of NYC’s Involuntary Hospitalization Plan (Huffington Post)

Mayor Adams Releases Community-Driven “NYC Speaks Action Plan” (Harlem World Magazine)

Turn Holiday Blues To A Brighter Life All-Year Round (Able News)


Understanding When To Ask For Help (Able News)

Disabled New Yorkers File Lawsuit Against MTA Over Subway Gaps (Huffington Post)


As Disability Employment Awareness Month Ends, NY Advocacy Continues (Public News Service)

Food Insecurity, exacerbated by the pandemic, continues to affect New Yorkers with disabilities (Epicenter NYC)

Why have New York’s ADA lawsuits increased to No. 1 in the country? (NYN Media)

Hundreds turn out for Day of Dignity event in New Brighton (Staten Island Advance)

SNAP Hacks: Six tips to help you with your application (Epicenter NYC)

Disability Voting Rights Week A Success (Able News)

Disability Pride For Employment And Universal Access (Able News)


Disabled New Yorkers Face Off With MTA Over Dropped Mask Mandate (THE CITY)

Destination: Accessibility – For people with MS, accessible transportation is vital — and often elusive. (Momentum Magazine)

Mayor Adams Civic Engagement Commission Announce Launch Of First Ever Citywide Participatory Budgeting Process (Harlem World Magazine)

Adapting to the Midterm Elections Through National Disability Voter Registration Week! (Adapting with Alex)

Will New NYC Transit Face Mask Graphic Send Wrong Covid-19 Messages? (Forbes)

Uber drops mask requirements in some cities including New York and D.C. (Mashable)

New York’s subway now has a ‘you do you’ mask policy. It’s getting a Bronx cheer (NPR)

‘You Do You’ MTA Masking Signs Draw Backlash As COVID Rules Relax (Patch)

Accessibility And Hearing Related Disabilities (Able News)


Guide to touring and starting college with a disability: How to prepare for campus (Degree Choices)

NYC’s public spaces are becoming increasingly hostile toward homeless people (NYN Media)

NYC’s public spaces are becoming increasingly hostile toward homeless people (City & State)

NYC Public Restrooms Need Better Disability Access (En Español) (Public News Service)


Disability Pride Month: An Eyewitness News Special (ABC News)

Activists rally outside MTA HQ, demand more accessible transportation for all (News 12)

Before the ballot box, Americans with disabilities have problems getting voting information (USA TODAY)

NYC Subway Aims for Accessibility for Riders with Disabilities (En Español) (Public News Service)

Manhattan borough president unveils plan to speed up congestion pricing rollout (FOX 5)

Deal Increases Subway Station Access (Able News)

Does True Access Exist? A Reflection From Then – 1990, To Now – 2022 (Able News)


Disability Advocates & MTA Reach Historic Settlement to Make NYC Subway Accessible to People Who Need Stair-Free Access (Legal Reader)

Transit Briefs: Amtrak, LACMTA, Metrolinx, New York MTA, TransLink (Railway Age)

MTA to make subway stations accessible under lawsuit settlement (Disability Insider)

Disability Advocates to Survey NYC Polling Places for Accessibility (En Español) (Public News Service)

Landmark settlement to make 95% of NYC subways accessible for people with disabilities by 2055 (Staten Island Advance)

A Playground For Everyone (Chelsea News)

Mental Health for Students With Disabilities (Able News)

NYSILC HOF Welcomes Five Advocates (Able News)


Supporting New Yorkers With Disabilities Facing Mental-Health Challenges (En Español) (Public News Service)

Mental Health for Students With Disabilities (Best Colleges)

What does accessible work look like? For some, it’s entrepreneurship (Dropbox Business Blog)

NYS To Create Accessible Absentee Ballot Program (Able News)

COVID-19 Long Haulers Syndrome A Mental-Health Crisis? (Able News)


Union Square Subway Entrance a Smelly Mess Despite Ritzy Private Ownership (THE CITY)

NYS to Create Statewide Accessible Absentee Ballot Program After Legal Battle Settled (Norwood News)

Litigation Against New York State Board of Elections Resolved (Legal Reader)

Bird pilot aims to give NYC wheelchair users reliable and fast transport options (Smart Cities Dive)

New Absentee Ballot Program in New York Will Benefit Disabled Voters (BK Reader)

NY to Offer More Accessible Absentee Ballots for Voters with Disabilities (City Limits)

This week’s biggest Winners & Losers (City & State)

Los votantes ciegos y discapacitados podrán votar por correo de forma accesible / Blind and disabled voters granted accessible absentee ballot (Bronx Free Press)

Voters with disabilities score big win in settlement with BOE over vote-by-mail accessibility (Bronx Times)

504 Looks At MOPD With Series On Future (Able News)

Mental-Health Concerns Are Out Of The Closet (Able News)


Columbia Daily Spectator (Columbia Daily Spectator)

What people with disabilities and their families wish fellow travelers would know and do (USA TODAY)

This motor attachment from Bird turns manual wheelchairs electric (Fast Company)

Riders to MTA: Make ADA access happen (Queens Chronicle)

CHIEF OFFICER Gov. Creates Disability Office, Appoints Hill (Able News)

It’s Time For Platform Barriers In Subway System (Able News)


For Workers With Disabilities, Hybrid Work Is a Turning Point (From Day One)

New York’s Disabled Feel Left Behind (Dollars & Sense)

Gobernadora de Nueva York designa nueva Directora de Discapacidad (El Correo NY)

As Disabilities Commissioner Exits, Constituents Want More Access to City Hall (THE CITY)

NY Governor Appoints New Chief Disability Officer (En Español) (Public News Service)

NY officials, advocates argue over wage increase to avert home care worker crisis (Gothamist)

Snow cleanup in Queens leaves disabled residents in the cold (Queens Daily Eagle)


Local Leaders Say Subway Barriers are Needed, Call for a Pilot Project at Busy Stops (West Side Rag)

MTA Drops A 3,000-Page, 2019 Report To Show Problems With Platform Doors, Amid Calls For Better Track Safety (Gothamist)

Advocates Push NY to Increase Home-Care Workers’ Pay (En Español) (Public News Service)

Home Care Shortage Keeps Patients in Strained Hospitals (MedPage Today)

Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022 (Able News)


A Lot of Employees Prefer Remote Work, But for Many People With Disabilities, Having the Option Is Crucial (Well + Good)

New York improves wheelchair accessibility (CTGN America)

MTA’s Late in Making OMNY Subway and Bus System Reduced-Fare Friendly (THE CITY)

Reinstate The State Office Of The Advocate For People With Disabilities (

Bird and Scootaround partner to make e-scooters available for people with disabilities (Focus Technica)

WIP Collaborative Designs All for One and One for All (Cultured)

Ask What You Want From Your Education (Able News)


San Francisco Rolls Out E-Scooter Program that Accommodates People with Disabilities (Next City)

New iPad Add-On Shows Promise for Helping People With Disabilities Communicate (Lifewire)

Taxis For All (Able News)

Voting And The 2021 Election (Able News)

Employment Opportunities Available With CIDNY (Able News)


Advocates Want State Legislators To Do More To Help People With Disabilities Gain Employment (WAER)

New York 41st in U.S. in lacking employment opportunities for disabled (Big News Network)

As Disability Employment Awareness Month Ends, NY Efforts Continue (En Español) (Public News Service)

DRA To Honor Dooha With Prentiss Award at Gala (Able News)

Employment Can Be Path to Personal Well-Being (Able News)


Design Trust for Public Space reveals winning projects that envision a more inclusive New York City (The Architect’s Newspaper)

The NY Connects Program with the Center for Independence of the Disabled, NY (amNY)

MTA opens new walkway between Times Square and Bryant Park subway stations, revamped shuttle platforms (NY Daily News)

Gov’t groups push back on Open Meetings Law changes (Hudson Valley 360)

Advocacy groups call for hearing on open meetings law (Spectrum News)

Now Is Not The Time For Paratransit Shared Rides (Able News)


The MTA isn’t budging on ending shared Access-A-Ride trips (City & State)

ADA suit over MTA elevator-outages back on track – 2nd Circuit (Reuters)

Disability Advocates Call on MTA to Resume Solo ‘Access-A-Ride’ Trips (En español) (Public News Service)

MTA Looks to Ramp Up Subway Accessibility With Fewer Costly Elevators (THE CITY)

Access-A-Ride Users Plead With MTA To Stop Shared Rides (Gothamist)

NY Disability Rights Advocates Seek Federal Dollars for Home Care (Public News Service)


More New Yorkers are ‘Aging in Place’—But Growing Older at Home Isn’t Easy (City Limits)

Transitions (The Chronicle of Philanthropy)

Provide Necessary Accommodations For Disabled Homeless New Yorkers (Bronx Daily)

NYC Faces Legal Challenge Over Decision To Move Homeless New Yorkers Back to Shelters (Gothamist)

Lawyers Ask Judge Keep Disabled NYC Homeless Population in Hotels to Prevent a ‘New Super-Spreader Event’ at Unsanitary Shelters (Law and Crime)

Politico: Legal Aid alleges city is violating rights of homeless New Yorkers with disabilities (Politico)

NYN First Read Wednesday, July 7, 2021 (NYN First Read)

The Center for Independence of the Disabled, New York (CIDNY) announced that Susan M. Dooha, J.D., is stepping down after 19 years as CIDNY’s Executive Director. It announced that Sharon M. McLennon-Wier, Ph.D., has been appointed as CIDNY’s new Executive Director. (Associated Press)


Sidewalk seating is good for restaurants. It’s a challenge for disabled people. (Washington Post)

For Disabled Users, the ‘Open Streets’ of the Pandemic Remain Closed (Bloomberg CityLab)

Renting Apartments and Homes for People With Disabilities (MoneyGeek)

COVID wards are filled with unvaccinated patients, many homebound seniors (PBS Newshour)

New York City Has Been Slow To Vaccinate Homebound Elderly, Causing More Sickness (NPR)

New York City Workers with Disabilities Fight for Inclusion in Pandemic Recovery, Mayoral Race (Labor Notes)

Kavanagh And Rosenthal Announce Passage Of Bill Expanding Homelessness Prevention Program (Harlem World Magazine)

Assembly Fate Unclear For NY Bill Giving Abuse Survivors Chance to Sue Perpetrators (NBC)

Unclear fate for bill to give abuse survivors chance to sue (Associated Press)

New York Senate Passes Adult Survivors Act Sponsored By Senate Brad Hoylman (Harlem World Magazine)

CIDNY Says: We Must Make Our Votes Count (Able News)


City Council Votes To Severely Restrict Plastic Straw Use In NYC Restaurants/Bars/Food Stores (Harlem World)

Advocates: Cuomo has ignored people with disabilities too often (City & State)

Tackling the MTA’s accessibility problems (City & State)

State Budget Mixed Bag For PWD (Able News)

Carr Massi, Activist & Leader, Turns 90 (Able News)

CIDNY Says: Access to COVID-19 Vaccines MUST Be Accessible To Everyone (Able News)


People with Disabilities to Candidates: Make Your Campaigns Accessible (Public News Service)

NYC Will Spend $15 Million Educating Public On Ranked-Choice Voting (The Jewish Voice)

Resources for Immigrants with Disabilities in New York (Documented NY)

Many outdoor dining spaces lack full accessibility (Manhattan Times)

MTA And NYC Want Private Developers To Install More Subway Elevators (Gothamist)

For the Disabled, Getting Vaccinated Can Be an Obstacle Course (NY City Lens)

Tributes To Edith (Able News)

CIDNY Says: Dear NYC Mayoral Candidates (Able News)


HECTOR Imagines a Monumental Party Ramp for a Disability Activist’s Birthday (Curbed)

Mission of CIDNY (Disability Matters)

Many Outdoor Dining Spaces Lack Full Accessibility (Columbia News Service)

Transit access crisis remains key issue in City Council District 11 special election (Politics NY)

Advocates for People with Disabilities Urge Repeal of Medicaid Cap (Public News Service)

Advocates Say Governor Didn’t Tell Families About “COVID-Only” Nursing Homes (WNYC)

Advocates Call Out Cuomo For Creating “COVID-Only” Nursing Homes And Not Telling Residents Or Families (Gothamist)

‘I Really Loved My Job’: Why the Pandemic Has Hit These Workers Harder (NY Times)

MTA New York ADA Class Action Lawsuit Updates – More Than 500K Class Members Eligible (Consider The Consumer)

The COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Fails to Prioritize People With Disabilities (SheKnows)

NEW YORK, NY: Suit Over Accessibility Attains Class-Action Status (Class Action Reporter)

Wheelchair Users Win Protections From DOH (Able News)

CIDNY Says: Living At Home, Not In A Home (Able News)


500K Class Members Certified in Lawsuit Over NY Subway Accessibility (Top Class Actions)

Lawsuit Against MTA Over Accessibility Attains Class-Action Status With More Than 500,000 Plaintiffs (Gothamist)

Advocates Fear Nursing Home Reform Bills Won’t Fundamentally Change Life For Residents (Gothamist)

PNS Daily Newscast – February 24, 2021 (Public News Service)

“COVID-Only” Nursing Homes Raise Concerns for NY Residents’ Rights (Public News Service)

What Nike’s First Hands-Free Shoe Means for the Disability Community (Verywell Health)

CIDNY Says: In Celebration of Black History Month (Able News)


AG Report: COVID-19 Deaths In NY Nursing Homes Are Dramatically Undercounted (Gothamist)

Union Square Curves Add Accessibility Challenge to $100M Makeover (THE CITY)

Legislators & Advocates Want Subway Access (Able News)

CIDNY Says: Happy New Year (Able News)


Vaccine Priorities, Precautions for People with Disabilities (Public News Service)

COVID-19 Vaccines and Nursing Homes and Long-term Care Facilities. (MSNBC)

Vaccines are coming soon to hard-hit nursing homes. But plenty of challenges remain. (Yahoo News)

Nursing homes are a top priority for Covid vaccines. But vaccinating everyone won’t be simple. (NBC News)


What’s the best way to find an accessible NYC rental building for someone with a disability? (Brick Underground)

COVID-19 – Stay Safe with Testing & Flu Vaccine (Able News)


A Lyft-Like Pilot Program Was Making NYC’s Transit System More Accessible; Budget Cuts May Put the Brakes On It (Bedford+Bowery)

People with Disabilities Face Extra Obstacles in VotingEn español (Public News Service)

People with disabilities fear that permanent outdoor dining will make inaccessible cities even worse (The Counter)

MTA Crosses Street With Long-Delayed Hunter College Station Elevator (THE CITY)

Task Force and Lawmakers Work to Increase Jobs (Able News)

NYC Paratransit Facing Serious Cutbacks (Able News)


Power Outage Causes Problems For PWD (Able News)

Recommendations on Curb Ramp Accessibility (Able News)

Fifty Years of DIA Civil Rights Force Continues the Fight (Able News)


How the MTA’s doomsday cuts threaten riders with disabilities (City & State)

Access-a-Ride Remains Free to NYC Residents with Disabilities (Public News Service)

The Eater New York Guide on How to Help (Eater)


The Americans with Disabilities Act at 30: How Far We’ve Come and What’s Next (Gotham Gazette)

NYC sidewalk curbs still behind on Americans with Disabilities Act requirements: report (NY Daily News)

MTA recognizes 30 years since the ADA law while station improvements elude riders (amNY)

Brewer Finds Few Pedestrian Curbs Near Accessible Subway Stations In Compliance With ADA Standards (Harlem World Magazine)

COVID-19 pandemic threatens the transit agencies that people with disabilities rely on (WXXI)

The ADA at 30: Progress and Continuing Obstacles (Public News Service)

COVID-19 Pandemic Exacerbates Employment Crisis For People With Disabilities (

People with disabilities face employment crisis (WKBW ABC Eyewitness News)

Blame Spreads for Nursing Home Deaths Even as N.Y. Contains Virus (NY Times)

Patient advocates ask for greater consumer voice in health planning (Crain’s New York)

Move to Include: New Yorkers with disabilities face transportation roadblocks (WCNY: The Capitol Pressroom)

30th Anniversary Of The Americans With Disabilities Act (

NYC Holds Virtual Events In Honor Of The 30th Anniversary Of The Americans With Disabilities Act (Harlem World Magazine)

State Study Says Covid Spread In Nursing Homes Was Driven By Employees, Not Readmitted Patients (Gothamist)

Amid deadly virus, a push for nursing home alternatives (Salon)

To Manage COVID-19, Nursing Homes Evict Less Profitable Residents (Legal Reader)

Census Essential for People with Disabilities (Able Newspaper)


US: COVID-19 prompts push to abolish aged care homes after 54,000 resident and staff deaths (The Weekly Source)

It’s Time to Rethink the Institutional Model for Elder Care. Is That Even Possible? (Mother Jones)

Long Term Care Ombudsman Program Massively Underfunded: Report (The Forum News Group)

New York’s New Accessible Absentee Ballots Aren’t Accessible Enough, Voters Say (City Limits)

Coronavirus is renewing a call to abolish nursing homes (Quartz)

‘It’s Time’: Area Nursing Homes Prepare to Welcome Visitors (THE CITY)

‘They Just Dumped Him Like Trash’: Nursing Homes Evict Vulnerable Residents (NY Times)

Amid Deadly Virus, Advocates Push for Nursing Home Alternatives (The Rockwall Times)

Amid Deadly Virus, Advocates Push for Nursing Home Alternatives (UNDARK)

Surging Absentee Ballot Demand Across New York Causes Delays, Plus Early Voting Begins (Gothamist)

How To Vote Absentee or Vote Early in New York’s June Primary (WNYC)

ADA subway suit to continue after ruling (Queens Chronicle)

Western New York Independent Living congratulates fellow advocates in expanding options for voters with disabilities in New York (Niagara Frontier Publications)

Census Critical for NYers with Disabilities (Public News Service)

Opinion: Invest in Human Services, Not Over-Policing Our Communities (City Limits)

New York will email some absentee ballots following lawsuit from disability rights group (Queens Daily Eagle)

Officials and Advocates Agree on Plan to Make June 23 Voting More Accessible (City Limits)

Disabled New Yorkers Can Vote – For Now (Forbes)

New York State Board of Elections Unveils Accessible Absentee Ballot Application (Cortland Voice)


Advocates Sue BOE to Make Absentee Voting Accessible for the Primary (City Limits)

The Harlem Business Alliance (HBA): City Hall COVID-19 Updates (Harlem World Magazine)

Organizations Representing Print-Disabled People Sue NY Board of Elections (Spectrum News)

Disability Equals Disenfranchisement, Lawsuit Says (Forbes)

Child Victims Act Extended By One Year (The Bronx Daily)

Hundreds Died Of COVID At NYC Nursing Homes With Spotless Infection Inspections (THE CITY)

Disability Groups Say NY’s Absentee Ballots Discriminate (Public News Service)

Cuomo’s Nursing Home Order Could Trap Recovered Patients In Hospitals For Weeks (Gothamist)

Commentary: Lawmakers, time to get back to work and protect elections (Times-Union)

Pandemic means Americans with disabilities aren’t getting the services they need (PBS Newshour)

Next To The Playground and Up By The Hill (BRIC Radio’s Brooklyn USA)

Calls For Probe On Elayne Boosler Cousin Cemetery Mix-Up (THE CITY)

Preserving Civil Rights During Crisis (Able Newspaper)

Medicaid Takes Hit With New State Budget (Able Newspaper)


Can NYS Run a Safe Primary in June and Accommodate Voters With Disabilities? (City Limits)

People with disabilities fight to be counted in the battle vs. COVID-19 and depression (Workers World)

Questions and Concerns About Potential Shift to Vote-By-Mail as New Yorkers Await Further Action from Cuomo (Gotham Gazette)

Nursing Home Watchdogs Scarce At NYC Facilities As Hundreds Die Within (THE CITY)

NY Immunity Law Shields Nursing Homes As Virus Toll Soars (Law360)

Coronavirus Is Decimating NYC Nursing Home Populations, State Data Shows (Gothamist)

Crisis For Disabled Community Amid Coronavirus Pandemic (MetroFocus – PBS/NJTV/WLIW)

Nursing homes ravaged by rising virus toll in US (China Daily)

Residents of long-term care facilities: You are not forgotten and you are not alone (Queens Daily Eagle)

Ombudsman program is here for nursing home residents (letter to the editor) (Staten Island Advance)

Neglect & Death In NY’s Nursing Homes: “They’re Laying There Rotting” (Gothamist)

The Issues Facing the Disabled During COVID-19 (WNYC The Brian Lehrer Show)

Mutual Aid Movement Playing Huge Role in COVID-19 Crisis (City Limits)


Judge dismisses class action against MTA over subway accessibility issues (AM New York Metro)

She’s Alone, 105 and in a Nursing Home Threatened by the Virus (The New York Times)

Coronavirus limbo: Seniors need to leave hospitals but some nursing homes won’t let them return (The Washington Post)

Around Brooklyn – Crisis unveils short-staffing problems in nursing homes (Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

In NYC Nursing Homes, Families Fear Impact Of Low-Staffing & Isolation On Their Loved Ones (Gothamist)

COVID-19 Major Threat to Some People with Disabilities (Public News Service)

In fight for safer streets, injured pedestrians eager to be heard (Brooklyn Reporter)

Sen. Gounardes Introduces Safe Streets Legislation (Shorefront News)


Harlem’s Levine And Gibson Bills To Expand Right To Counsel Law, New Report Cites RTC In NYC (Harlem World)

Service changes could leave disabled denied a ride home (Riverdale Press)

Is the MTA Meeting Its Promises to Make the Subway Accessible? (NY City Lens)


Access-A-Ride Users Face Access-Woe at Access-A-Ride Centers (THE CITY)

Fashion – not disability – defines this young entrepreneur’s future (The Christian Science Monitor)

‘Burdens of discovery’ bog down NYC subway accessibility lawsuit (amNY)


What New Laws Are Coming To New York In 2020 (Before It’s News)

New York City’s two biggest design stories of 2019 are also design failures (Curbed)

Publishing Industry News (Door County Pulse)

Uptown Radio Interview (Uptown Radio)

Library puts disabled on a shelf, suit says (Queens Chronicle)


Queens Library’s LIC Jewel at Center of Class Action Lawsuit (NY 1)

Hunters Point Library hit with lawsuit over accessibility issues (Curbed)

Lack Of Handicap Accessibility At Flashy New Hunters Point Library Sparks Lawsuit (Gothamist)

LIC Resident Sues Queens Public Library, Says New $41M Hunters Point Library Not ADA Accessible (LIC Post)

Lessons From NYC’s First Ever Early Voting: Don’t Use Schools, Make Sure Sites Are Accessible (Gothamist)

Texting 911 service to help the deaf may start in NYC next summer after years of delays (NY Daily News)


Surge in Lawsuits by Small Group of New Yorkers with Disabilities Draws Scrutiny (NY1)

Unprepared: How People with Disabilities Paved the Way for Emergency Preparedness in NYC (Disability INC.)

NYC Introduces Voter Guides In American Sign Language (Patch)


The Week Ahead in New York Politics, September 30 2019 (Gotham Gazette)

Queens Lawmakers On The Move Sept. 17, 2019 (Queens County Politics)

Workers with disabilities face challenges getting hired — here’s how to ace the interview (NY Post)

Speaker Corey Johnson And City Council Release Report On Zoning Tools To Speed Up ADA Accessibility In The New York City Subway (Patch)

Mayor de Blasio Administration Announces Kickoff Of National Voter Registration Day (Harlem World)


Borough President Blames MTA for Transit Inequity in East New York (NY1)

Where the sidewalk ends for disabled New Yorkers (City & State)

Attorneys in MTA Disability Discrimination Suit Seek Mediation (NY1)


NYC to improve sidewalks for disabled groups, settlement rules (Smart Cities Dive)

City to make more sidewalk curbs accessible (Crain’s New York Business)

United Spinal Association & New York City Disability Advocates Secure Landmark Victory To Make Every Street Corner In Every Borough Wheelchair Accessible (TheStreet)

Budget Cuts May Threaten Consumer-Directed Care Program |

Recortes al Presupuesto pudieran amenazar al Programa de Asistencia Personal Dirigido por el Consumidor (Public News Service)

New York City Is Still a Disaster for the Disabled (New York – Intelligencer)

‘A long way to go’: A look at the MTA’s ‘accessibility desert’ in Bronx and Brooklyn (News 12)

Inaccessible subway platforms make tough trips for New Yorkers with disabilities (News 12)


Long-Range Study Considers Health for “All of Us” (Public News Service)

Estudio de Largo Alcance Considera la Salud para “Todos Nosotros” (Public News Service)

Disability community wins ruling in fight for subway access (Workers World)

Subway station accessibility lawsuit against MTA can proceed (amNewYork)

Disability groups win big in court as human rights lawsuit against MTA moves towards trial (NY Daily News)

Judge: Lawsuit against MTA over lack of subway elevators can move forward (ABC7)

Juez da luz verde a juicio contra MTA por acceso de discapacitados al Subway (El Diario)

Judge Denies MTA’s Attempt to Drop Elevator Lawsuit (CBS New York)

Disability Advocates Rally Ahead Of Court Hearing On Subway Access Lawsuit (CBS New York)

Accessibility advocates sue MTA over elevators (Pix 11)


Judge Tells MTA To Find Money For More Subway Elevators: ‘You Find It For Other Things’ (Gothamist)

To make a more accessible city, turn to the sidewalk (Smart Cities Dive)

Disability Advocates Rally For Subway Elevators As Ruling Postponed (WCBS Radio)

For New Yorkers With Disabilities, The MTA Has Always Been A Problem (Forbes)

Disability-Rights Advocates Sue MTA for Accessibility

| Defensores de los Derechos de Discapacitados demandan a la MTA por mala accesibilidad

(Public News Service)


For wheelchair users in the city, cooking is complicated (NY Table)

Going Up: Long Fight Over Subway Elevators Doubles Price Tag (THE CITY)

New MTA Plan to Put Disabled Riders on Taxis is Off to a Rocky Start, Users Say (City Limits)


Settlement Paves Way for Accessible NYC Streets |

Un acuerdo allana el camino y logra calles accesibles en NY (Public News Service)

City will make sidewalks more accessible as part of legal settlement (Politico – behind a paywall)

Judge rules MTA must install elevators as part of renovations, under federal disabilities act (Politico)


Victory for New Yorkers with Disabilities |

Victoria de los Neoyorquinos con Discapacidades (Public News Service)

What to know about searching for a NYC apartment if you have mobility issues (Brick Underground)


Accessibility Advocates Rally Over Mother’s Death on Subway Stairs (CityLab)

New Yorkers Demand Action after Malaysia Goodson Died in Subway Fall (NowThis)

Best photographs of the day (The Guardian)

New York subway: new demand for accessibility after young mother’s death (The Guardian)

A Young Woman Fell and Died Trying to Carry Her Baby’s Stroller In a Subway Station With No Elevator (Jezebel)


Her Addictions Made Her a Great Fit for the Job (New York Times)


Access-A-Ride users face bigger MTA fare hike than MetroCard commuters (NY Daily News)

Revelations in a Wheelchair (New York Times)

Transit Chief Weighs in on the Subways and Buses (WNYC)

Uber expanding third-party use for wheelchair accessibility (amNewYork)

Subway Riders With Wheelchairs Demand Elevator Fix (NBC New York)

70 Steps Are Too Many! Locals Renew Call On MTA To Install Elevator at 7th Ave F/G Station (Bklyner)

Park Slope Demands Accessible Subway Station (Patch)

Can Voters with Disabilities Get in the Door? (WNYC)



Our Fair City (Urban Omnibus)

Progress on Voting Access for NYers with Disabilities

Avances en el acceso a votar para NYkinos con discapacidades (Public News Service)



MTA Gets Rare Praise for Its Paratransit Service (WNYC)



Transit ‘lockbox’ bill sitting on Cuomo’s desk to be signed (NY Daily News)

Access-A-Ride or ‘Stress-A-Ride?’ MTA Service Needs Overhaul, Users Say (City Limits)

Advocates demand ADA-compliance at more Bronx subway stations (News 12 the Bronx)

Pols: Elevator Needs at Mosholu Pkwy. Station (Norwood News)


Accessibility and the MTA (Lights at the End of the Tunnel podcast)

Inside City Hall: Getting Access (NY1)


In Your Opinion: Senate must pass restrictions on drug formulary changes (The Daily Star)

Ensuring Poll Access for Disabled Voters Still a Big Problem (


No consensus among Democrats, advocates on ‘aid in dying’ bill (POLITICO Pro) – article is behind a paywall

New York Patients Are Being Forced Off Prescribed Medications During the Plan Year, Providing A Need for New Legislation to Fix the Problem (Business Wire)


Morning Show (WBAI)


Albany Asked to Boost Funding for Independent-Living Centers

Piden a Albany aumentar fondos para Centros de Vida Independiente (Public News Service)


NYC subway elevators need an urgent lift (amNewYork)

In New Proposed Subway Elevators, Some See a Terrorism Risk (New York Times)

In Battle Over FiDi Subway Elevators, Advocates for Disabled Win the Day (The Tribeca Trib)

Flaws Cited in MTA Program for Disabled Travelers (Wall Street Journal)

New subway station’s elevators keep breaking down (Fox 5 News)

New & Improved Bay Ridge Subway Station Still Excludes Disabled New Yorkers (Gothamist)


Bay Ridge Avenue R Station Opens Without Accessibility For Disabled (Kings County Politics)

For the Disabled, New York’s Sidewalks Are an Obstacle Course (New York Times)

Fight to improve New York City sidewalks for disabled heads to court (New York Daily News)

Subway accessibility issues highlighted by officials who pledged stair-free commutes (AMNY)

Hurricanes Highlight Needs of the Disabled (Public News Service)

DOT Fails to Meet Federal Standards for Disabled After $243M Spent: Report (DNA Info)

If You Can’t Take the Stairs, Only 23 Percent of Subway Stations Are Accessible — on a Good Day (StreetsBlog NYC)

Medicaid “Optional” Benefits in Peril (Public News Service)

What an article about a family with multiple generations of disability teaches (Washington Post)

A class action lawsuit claims that New York’s subway system breaks the law (Time Out New York)

Major Subway Makeover Is Making Lives Miserable (CBS New York)

Under Settlement, City Shelters Will Do More for the Disabled (New York Times)

Morning Show (WBAI)

Disability Advocates Sue MTA Over Subway Elevator Outages (New York Law Journal)

Lawsuits Call for Subway System to be More Accessible for People with Disabilities (New York 1)

Lawsuits Demand MTA Accessibility Plan (Public News Service)

MTA hit with lawsuits over discrimination against disabled riders (amNewYork)

MTA sued for failing to fix subway stations that deny access to disabled people (New York Daily News)

NY1 Online: Fighting for a Better System

NYC Taxi Passengers Shortchanged (NBC)

MTA to Expand Use of Mobile App for Disabled Riders Amid Complaints (DNA Info)

MTA Board Shuts Down Disabled Riders’ Complaints About Access-a-Ride (DNA Info)

Push to Override Medicaid Therapy Visit Cap (Capital Tonight)

NYC subway system makes commuting hell for disabled people: suit (NY Post)

New York City subway faces two lawsuits over disabled access (Reuters)

New York City’s Subway System Violates Local and Federal Laws, Disability Groups Say (New York Times)

Suing for Subway Access (WNYC)

The Lawsuits Over NYC’s Subway Inaccessibility Are Long Overdue (the Atlantic/CityLab)

Medicaid Cuts Mean Less Independence for People with Disabilities (Public News Service)

ACA Repeal Called “Devasting” for People with Disabilities (Public News Services)

Public News Service: Changes in Washington Raise Concerns for People with Disabilities

Brick Underground: What it’s like to navigate NYC with a disability

CBS NY: Advocates for People with Disabilities Sue City Over Defective Curb Cuts

NY Daily News: MTA’s Access-a-Ride paratransit service slammed as unreliable by audit

NY Times: As shelter population surges, housing for disabled comes up short

Public News Service: Consumer Advocates Challenge Huge Insurance Merger

Public News Service: People with Disabilities: NYC Failing Us

NY Times: From Nursing Home to Own Home

NY Times: Steven Banks was hired to stem New York’s Homeless Crisis

Pix11: Access-a-Ride routinely fails NYC’s disabled, senior residents who need pick-up

Public News Service: Deadline Approaches for Insurance Increases

The Hechinger Report: Eligible but got nothing: Hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities blocked from college aid

Village Voice: Access-A-Ride Costs Exploding

Wall Street Journal: MTA’s Access-A-Ride Program Fails Disabled Passengers, Audit Says

WNYC News: NYS Board of Elections and DMV Sued for Discrimination

WNYC News: Nursing home owner in de Blasio investigation flouted state rules that protect patients

NY1: Coalition of Riders and Drivers, “Taxis for All” Slams Uber Over a Lack of Accessibility for the Disabled
January 2016

NY Times: Finding Solutions Beyond Homeless Shelters
January 2016

Wall Street Journal: Readers Sound Off on NYC’s Graduation Rates
January 2016

El Diario: Discussing proposal to send texts to 911 [in Spanish]
February 2016

News12: Riders demand elevator at Parkchester subway station
March 2016

City & State: NYC nursing homes forcing residents into homeless shelters
April 2016

Crain’s New York Business: State launches $2 billion coordinated care plan for people with disabilities
May 2016

WNYC Brian Lehrer Show: Interview with Susan Dooha

am-NY: Disability access improvement to NYC Subways and Taxis Sought
October 12, 2014 Disability Advocate Speaks About Importance of Fair Housing for Disabled
October 2, 2014

Stories related to Emergency Preparedness Lawsuit Settlement

Settlement Press Release – September 30, 2014

Forum News Group: Settlement paves way for disabled
October 12,2014

WNYC: City Revamps Emergency Plan for People With Disabilities
September 30, 2014

AP News Wire:  Deal Reached to Help Disabled People in Disasters
October 1, 2014

New York Times: New York City to Alter Preparations for Disabled in Disasters
September 30, 2014

Public News Service:  Future NY Disaster Plans: Less “Life-and-Death Guesswork”
September 30, 2014

New York Law Journal: City Settles Litigation Over Disaster Preparedness
October 1, 2014

CBS New York: Settlement Reached To Aid NYC Residents With Disabilities In Disasters
October 1, 2014

Stories Related to Curb Cut Documents Here

Stories Related to Taxi Case


Press Release: Sen. Savino, AM Kavanagh, CM Rosenthal Announce Enactment of Legislation to Make 1,000 Additional New Yorkers with Disabilities Eligible for Rent Freeze
July 24, 2014

Public Advocate Letitia James Announces Report on Improving Voting Access for People with Disabilities (The Bronx Chronicle)
July 23, 2014

Letitia James: Poll Sites Plagued by Problems for Disabled Voters (Daily News)
July 23, 2014

Disability Access Lagging at Polling Places (WNYC)
July 23, 2014

Press Release: Public Advocate and CIDNY Release Report on Improving Voter Access (Public Advocate Office)
July 23, 2014

Expanded Rent Freeze for Vets, NYers with Disabilities Gets Nod (Public News Service)
June 19, 2014

Savino, Kavanagh, Advocates Hail Agreement to Make Many More New Yorkers with Disabilities Eligible for Rent Increase Exemption

(Brian Kavanagh Press Office)
June 19, 2014

Susan Dooha, Executive Director at CIDNY, on Housing Issues for People with Disabilities in New York City (BronxNet)
June 17, 2014

Notice of Proposed Settlement of Class Action in the NYC Taxi Case (doc) (DRA)
June 17, 2014

New Yorkers “Need” Rx Choice (Public News Service)
June 12, 2014

CIDNY Joins Disability Coalition in Supporting Community First Choice (Press Release)
June 11, 2014

Kavanagh, Savino, and Advocates Call for Passage of Bill Making More Tenants with Disabilities Eligible for Rent Increase Exemption Before Legislature Adjourns June 19th
June 11, 2014

Health Advocates Look to Close Mail-Order Loophole (Times Union)
May 21, 2014

Disability Community Wins Against City’s Appeal in Voting Rights Case (See Court’s Opinion Order)
May 14,2014

New York Curbs Medical Bills Containing Surprises (New York Times)
March 30, 2014

Cuomo Administration Pushes for Out-of-Network Billing Protection (Legislative Gazette)
March 25, 2014

NY Aims to Stop “Surprise” Out-of-Network Bills for Thousands (Public News Service)
March 24, 2014


New York Needs Law to Prevent ‘Surprise’ Medical Bills (LoHud)
March 24, 2014

Advocates: Pass Law Protecting Surprise Medical Bills (Star Gazette)
March 24, 2014

Lawsky Pushes Out-of-Network Insurance Protections (Capitol Confidential)
March 24, 2014

Superintendent Lawsky Sends Letter to Legislature Urging Passage of Legislation In State Budget to Protect Consumers from Surprise Out-of-Network Bills (Insurance News)
March 24, 2014

Advocates: Pass Law Protecting Surprise Medical Costs (LoHud)
March 24, 2014

Superintendent Lawsky Urges Legislation to Protect Consumers from Surprise Medical Bills (Long Island Exchange)
March 24, 2014

New York City Developer Accused in Disabled-Access Suit (WSJ)
March 17, 2014

Assembly Passes Kavanagh Bill Allowing Teens to Pre-Register to Vote (Assembly Member Brian Kavanagh)
March 10, 2014

NYFAHC Press Conference: Advocates Press for Limits on Surprise Medical Bills (WNYT)
February 28, 2014

Press Statement on Out of Network Coverage (New Yorkers for Accessible Health Coverage)
January 28, 2014

Stories Related to E-Prep Lawsuit Here

CIDNY’s Statement on E-Prep Case 
November 7, 2013

Bronx Disabled Voters Mixed on Polling Machines (NY Daily News)
October 31, 2013

City’s Residents had Elevated Needs After Storm (NY1)
October 31, 2013

Shelter From the Storms (NYT)
October 28, 2013

What we did and didn’t learn from Sandy (CBS)
October 28, 2013

10 Essential Tips for Getting Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act (DNA Info)
September 30, 2013

Polls About to Open – but not for all (The New York World)
September 8, 2013

NYC Brings Back old Lever-Style Voting Machines (Associated Press)
August 30, 2013

NY Ready to Help Consumers Find Best Deal Under Obamacare (Public News Service)
July 25, 2013

Cuomo Silent on Votes by Lever (NYT)
June 27, 2013

Whopper NY Legislative Bill – Seeking Funding Relief (Public News Service)
June 14, 2013

Cuomo seeks ‘surprise bill’ Rx (Times Union)
June 10, 2013

NY Hopes Barcode Wristband Will Help Track Disaster Evacuees (WNYC)
June 5, 2013

City Storm Plan Gets Push from Speaker Quinn (WSJ)
June 5, 2013

DOJ Says NYC “Not Ready” to Protect Disabled in Disasters (Public News Service)
May 14, 2013

Storm Plans for Disable are Inadequate, U.S. Says (NYT)
May 10, 2013

Ready, Willing, and Disabled: Employment and Healthcare (CUNY News Service)
April 30, 2013

Adult Daycares: Unregulated and High Profit (WNYC)
April 17, 2013

Hurricane Sandy Lawsuit Testimony Ends (New Mobility)
April 1, 2013

Officials Testify No Disaster Plans for the Disabled (WNYC)
March 19, 2013

Advocates for the Disabled Seek Outside Law Expert to Examine NYC Disaster-Response Procedures (The New York Law Journal)
March 12, 2013

City: Planning for Disasters Not Just Government Responsibility (Survival Help Center)
March 12, 2013

Success of State Medicaid Shift for Elderly, Disabled is in the Eye of the Beholder (WNYC)
January 31, 2013

Special-needs Registries Saved Lives During Sandy, but not in NYC (The New York World)
January 16, 2013

Special-needs Registries Saved Lives During Sandy, but not in NYC (WNYC)
January 16, 2013

“High Concentrations” of NY’ers with Disabilities Live in Flood Zones (Public News Service)
January 16, 2013

Broken Elevators Keeps Elderly Tenants Stranded Months After the Storm (NY1 for You)
January 10, 2013

Cuomo Urged to “Clear Red Tape” for New Yorker’s Seeking Food Help in 2012 (Public News Service)
December 23, 2011

Barriers Keep Many Disabled New Yorkers Trapped in Poverty (Gotham Gazette)
November 15, 2011

United Healthcare Opens Queens ‘Superstore’ (Crain’s New York Business)
November 2, 2011

The Disabled Deserve Taxis, too (NY Daily News)
November 1, 2011

Allan Goldstien Challenging Differences (NYU Poly)
October 19, 2011

CIDNY Comments on NYC Neglect of Disabled New Yorkers During Emergency Disasters (WBAI)
September 28, 2011

Disabled Woman’s Experience at Hurricane Shelter Sparks Lawsuit (NY1 for You)
September 27, 2011

Bloomberg’s “Irene Preps” Provoke Federal Discrimination Suit (Public News Service)
September 26, 2011

NYC disaster plan ignores disabled people (Reuters)
September 26, 2011

Press Release: Mayor Bloomberg Sued for Neglect of Disabled New Yorkers  During Emergency (Disability Rights Advocates)
September 26, 2011

Wheelchair User Turned Away From Storm Evacuation Center (NY1 for You)
September 1, 2011

“Access Issues” at Some Hurricane Irene Evacuation Shelters (Public News Service)
August 30, 2011

Disability Matters (City Limits)
July 26, 2011

NY Senate will Consider Health Exchange Bill in Two Months (Crain’s New York Business)
June 29, 2011

State Focused Health Care News: Where the Rubber Meets the Road (Public News Service)
June 21, 2011

By Session’s end, NY Needs External Review Bill (Crain’s New York Business)
June 20, 2011

Letter to the Editor on New York City Taxi Project (Able)    
June 1, 2011

Too Much Choice Clouds Options (Times Union)
April 25, 2011

Income-Based Subsidies are Fair (Times Union)
April 24, 2011

Transition Fair (El Correo) 
April 15, 2011

Medicaid Cuts (NYNC)
March 14, 2011

City’s Special Ed Students Being Short Changed of Legal Mandate (Daily News)
March 3, 2011

Press Release: Out of School and Unprepared (Arise Coalition)
March 2, 2011

Government Budget Receives Mixed Reactions (Able)
March 1, 2011

House Votes to Repeal Health Care Reform (Able) 
March 1, 2011

State Holds Medicaid Redesign Hearings (Able)
March 1, 2011

Medicaid Push Back Begins
 (Capital Tonight YNN)

February 25, 2011

Press Release: Disability Rights Community Stunned by Surprise Early Vote on Health Care (New York Association on Independent Living)
February 24, 2011

Those with Disabilities Deserve Right to Vote in All Elections 

February 20, 2011

Memo to Veto A3093B
 (Election Weekly)

February 17, 2011

49 Suggestions for Cutting Billions in State Medicaid Cost (NYT)
February 15, 2011

Polling Sites Rife with Access Barriers (Able)
February 1, 2011

VESID Name and Reach Change

February 1, 2011

Medicaid savings seen in managed long-term care
 (Crain’s New York Business)

January 31, 2011

Medicaid Review Team (NYNC)
January 26, 2011

Disability Advocates MRT Proposals May Launch Lawsuits (Crain’s New York Business)
January 25, 2011

NY State Legislature Says Equal Rights Too Expensive (Examiner)
January 17, 2011

Medicaid Redesign Input Not Limited to 27 (Capital Tonight YNN)
January 14, 2011

Managed Care Cuts Can Cut Cost (Crain’s New York Business)
January 14, 2011

Group Demand Withdrawal of Medicaid Fraud Lawsuit (NYT)
January 14, 2011

Collins Calls for Fewer Medicaid Benefits (Buffalo News)
January 12, 2011

Emergency Health Care Issues for 2011 (
January 9, 2011

Press Release: Disability Advocates’ Budget Proposals (New York Association on Independent Living)
January 7, 2011

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