Photo of a woman who participated in the Access-A-Ride listening session.

Department of Employment Vocational Rehabilitation

The Department of Employment Vocational Rehabilitation services at CIDNY focuses on assisting all people – with physical, sensory, medical, mental health, learning, or developmental disabilities – to prepare for, find, and maintain employment; attend school; or pursue their vocational aspirations. Workshops aim to help people get on track to apply for work/school and to be equipped with the necessary tools to succeed.

Participants include veterans, substance users, the LGBTQI+ community, and minorities/people of color, and the formerly incarcerated.



Services include but are not limited to:

  • Workshops: Resume building, mock interviews, job coaching, vocational counseling, technology, advocacy, and legal rights.
  • Advocacy: Education for consumers who are unfamiliar with reasonable accommodations, or the laws that protect people with disabilities, and that has been a barrier to employment.
  • Vocational counseling/Coaching- Individually and in groups.
  • Evaluations, Assessments, and Screenings. Administering of vocational assessment tools to determine transferable skills.

Eligibility Information/Who is eligible:

  • Young adults and adults with a disability, an impairment, or a limitation living in New Yor City.
  • Young adults and adults with a long-term or chronic disability, including physical, sensory, developmental, learning, mental health and/or medical conditions, living in New York City.

Additionally, CIDNY can provide assistance to companies in Short Term Disability Cases (STD), by helping their employees return to work (RTW) early, if need be, with the assistance of Reasonable Accommodations (RA), the Employment Vocational Rehabilitation Department can collaborate with insurance companies as a third-party vendor and provide the tools needed to facilitate early return to work. Please inquire with Director of Employment Vocational Rehabilitation for fees. 

For upcoming events or workshops, please visit https://www.cidny.org/calendar.


Compensated Research Study Opportunity: CIDNY is conducting the MYCIL Research Study, for which we are actively seeking participants. Our target demographic is Minority Youth aged 14-24 who are out of school, with or without employment, and who face a disability and barriers to employment. Space is limited and we are in search of 100 participants. Participants in the study can earn $105. For more information, visit https://www.cidny.org/mycil-research-2024/.”


Other Employment Resources:

  • Adult and Career and Continuing Services – Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR) assists individuals with disabilities to achieve and maintain employment and to support independent living through training, education, rehabilitation, and career development.
  • Another State program is the New York State Commission for the Blind (NYSCB). It provides vocational rehabilitation and other direct services to legally blind New York State residents, including children, adults, and elderly persons. One of NYSCB’s primary objectives is to assist participants in achieving economic self-sufficiency and full integration into society. NYSCB offers these services from seven district offices across the state.
  • The New York State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) is focused on a simple yet incredibly important mission: helping people with developmental disabilities live richer lives. OPWDD’s vision includes supporting individuals with developmental disabilities to fully participate in their communities through employment. They value the abilities and talents each person has to contribute, and they offer a variety of supports and resources which assist individuals to achieve their employment goals.
  • Although the New York State Office of Mental Health doesn’t train provide vocational rehabilitation services to assist with employment, it is an Equal Opportunity Employer. OMH is committed to providing equal employment opportunity, and reasonable accommodations and/or modifications as necessary, for qualified people with disabilities. Visit the New York State Workers with Disabilities Program for more information on specialized programs designed to help place individuals with disabilities in State jobs.
  • Throughout the City, there are employment centers known as Workforce1 Career Centers. They prepare and help all New Yorkers find jobs by helping write resumes and having interviewing workshops, training local residents to acquire skills in growing fields, and connecting job seekers to employers with open positions. Although Workforce1 doesn’t specify that it serves people with disabilities, you have a choice whether you want to seek assistance from ACCES-VR or Workforce1 Career Centers or both.
  • For more resources and aa list of employers who are making good faith efforts to recruit, hire, and promote qualified people with disabilities, please click here.


For more information about CIDNY’s Department of Employment Vocational Rehabilitation services, please contact Joel Taveras, MsEd. CRC, Director of Employment Vocational Rehabilitation Services, at jtaveras@cidny.org or call 646-442-4146.