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Our Homes, Not Nursing Homes
Free Our People!
Inaccessible housing is one of the biggest barriers for people who want to live in the community.
Unfortunately, the home modification program, Access To Home, is severely underfunded at only $1 million. This has left many parts of the state unserved, and has resulted in years long waiting lists. The …

Call Today For Increased Funding for Independent Living Centers! Image

Independent Living Centers like CIDNY provide people with disabilities and their families the supports and services that help them live independently and integrated in their communities. ILCs rely on the State for funding to provide these vital services, but New York State has failed to adequately fund centers for well over a decade, leaving us …

Gloria’s Story: Volunteering at CIDNY Image

When I retired, sitting at home became too much. I am 65 plus and now live in an assisted living facility in Manhattan.
I came to NYC on November 16, 1960, as a girl from Bridgeville, Delaware. I have had many jobs, but my most rewarding employment was working with the disabled. I was a …