Act Now for Student Loan Protection

Auditorium with seated students clapping for presenter.
Did you know that you can receive relief on student loans if you have a disability?
Have you had an issue with your school loans? We want to hear from you!
We wrote a memo in support of the New York Student Loan Protection bill.
For people with disabilities, education is a way out of higher rates of poverty and higher rates of unemployment compared to people without disabilities.
When some people acquire an illness or disability or stop their studies due to their disability, they can receive relief on their student loans through Temporary or Permanent Disability Discharge.
However, many lenders or servicers don’t explain this option, even when they are aware of the reasons for stopping payment.
Article VII Budget Legislation, TED Part W, Subpart A would create a student loan ombudsman and require licensing of student loan servicing companies. California, Connecticut, Illinois, Washington, and Washington DC have already passed similar bills.
Please call your State Senator and urge them to support the provisions, as part of the budget agreement.