Voter Resources:
To find your poll site and see what your ballot looks like, click here.
If you have problems exercising your right to vote, contact CIDNY's Voter Hotline at 646-442-4146.

New Yorkers began using a paper based voting system in 2010:

Paper Ballot:
Voters mark their choices on a paper ballot using a pen or Ballot Marking Device (BMD).

Ballot Marking Devices (BMDs) can help a voter mark a paper ballot. With a BMD voters can see the ballot on an adjustable touch screen or listen to the ballot through audio headphones.  The BMD allows voters to mark the ballot using the touch screen, Braille keypad, sip & puff device and rocker paddle.  Click here to learn more about using a BMD.

After marking a paper ballot with a pen or with the Ballot Marking Device (BMD), voters put their paper ballots into a scanner.  The scanner counts the votes after polls close on Election Day.

Hands-On Practice before Election Day at Learning Centers:
Visit your local Board of Elections Office to have a hands-on experience with the new voting system.  Trained staff will be available to guide you through voting on a paper ballot, using the scanner and using the Ballot Marking Device (BMD).  Click here for Learning Center location and hours.

Are You Registered to Vote?
To find out if you are registered to vote, click here.
To find your polling site, click here.
For help with registering to vote, click here or contact CIDNY (see below).

For More Information:
1. NYC Board of Elections: visit website or call 866-868-3692 (TTY 212-487-5496)
2. CIDNY: Contact Monica Bartley, Voting Rights Coordinator, at or call 646-442-4146 (VP 646-305-2681, TTY 212-674-5619)