CIDNY encourages people with disabilities to vote and is a voter registration site. Anyone who is registered to vote in New York should be able to access a polling site on an election or primary day and successfully vote independently and privately. New York State is obligated to provide disability-related accommodations to any voter who needs them. If you have problems exercising your right to vote, contact CIDNY's Voter Hotline at 646-442-4146.

To learn more about your voting rights, accessibility, Ballot Marking Devices (BMDs) and registering to vote, please click the following links:

To Find your poll site and see what your ballot looks like, click here.


Voting with a Ballot Marking Device in New York City (Chinese) (Spanish) 
A guide to using the ES&S AutoMark Ballot Marking Devices, an accessible voting system used in New York City since the Fall 2008 elections.

Click here to watch a video guide on using the ES&S AutoMark Ballot Marking Device, the accessible voting system used in NYC.

Voting Rights and Activities at CIDNY (Chinese) (Spanish)   
Overview of voting rights activities at CIDNY, including education, advocacy and consumer involvement.

The Help America Vote Act (HAVA) (Chinese) (Spanish
A brief overview of the Help America Vote Act and its special previsions for voters with disabilities.      

Registering to Vote in New York (Chinese) (Spanish)
An overview of who is eligible to vote and how one can register to vote.

Voting with an Absentee Ballot (Chinese) (Spanish)
A guide to requesting and using an absentee ballot to vote in any election.

Accessible Voting (Chinese) (Spanish)
A guide to what voters with disabilities should expect when voting at their local poll site.

 "BMD": New Voting Machines and How They Help