Watch this space for information on the federal Fair Housing Act and how the law affects people with disabilities.

In the following weeks and months, we will be including information on how to look for an apartment, how to get an accommodation, and where to go for help if you feel like you have been discriminated in housing. We will also host workshops on knowing your housing rights and self advocacy, and we'll announce the dates and times here.

Next housing workshop:

Wednesday, November 30, starts promptly at 10 a.m. 
80-02 Kew Gardens Road, Suite 107. RSVP (646) 442-1520.

Don't forget to visit CIDNY's Resources Page on Housing

The following PowerPoints were created by CIDNY to provide an outline of your rights under the Fair Housing Act and major issues we've seen around Fair Housing laws from our consumers and advocates.

The Fair Housing Act - Basics (English)
The Fair Housing Act (Chinese)
The Fair Housing Act (Spanish)

The Fair Housing Act - Applying for housing (English)

The Fair Housing Act - What to do if you've experienced discrimination (English)

Major issues around Fair Housing laws 
Major issues around Fair Housing laws (Chinese)
Aspectos Principales de las Leyes de Igaldad de Vivienda (Spanish)

Fair Housing laws & condominiums (English)
Fair Housing laws & condominiums (Chinese)
Fair Housing laws & condominiums (Spanish)

Resources from Housing and Urban Development (HUD):

Common Violations of the Fair Housing Act

Frequently Asked Questions about the Fair Housing Act

For more information or questions, contact Lourdes Rosa-Carrasquillo, Director of Advocacy, at