This page provides resources and information on the federal Fair Housing Act and how the law affects people with disabilities.
The information is updated regularly.  

CIDNY's Fair Housing Act 

CIDNY wants to know if you have been discriminated in housing because of your disability. For example, did a realtor or landlord say they didn’t have an apartment when you knew they did; did a landlord tell you you couldn’t have an accommodation, like grab bars in the bathroom or a ramp to the building?  Were you turned down for housing because you have a voucher? Told they won’t rent to you because you have a program?

Landlords in buildings with at least 6 units cannot discriminate against you because you use Section 8 or any other voucher towards your rent.  If you have been told that you can’t use a voucher towards your rent payments, call the New York City Commission on Human Rights at 212-306-7450.

Three CIDNY staff members are ready to take your information and to help.  They are conducting rights training, assisting with filing complaints about your housing discrimination experience, and are conducting a survey to find out about your experiences.

The Fair Housing Act staff are:

Chris Chalafant,
Tashia Lerebours,

Do not hesitate to contact them.  If you don’t have email, please call 212-674-2300 and ask for a Fair Housing Counselor.
If you are facing housing discrimination, CIDNY can help.

Don't forget to visit CIDNY's Resources Page on Housing

Power Points created by CIDNY provide a guide to your rights under the Fair Housing Act and include major issues our consumers and advocates tell us about. 

The Fair Housing Act - Basics (English)
The Fair Housing Act (Chinese) 
The Fair Housing Act (Spanish) 

The Fair Housing Act - Applying for housing (English)
The Fair Housing Act - What to do if you've experienced discrimination (English)

Major issues around Fair Housing laws 
Major issues around Fair Housing laws (Chinese)
Aspectos Principales de las Leyes de Igaldad de Vivienda (Spanish)

Fair Housing laws & condominiums (English)
Fair Housing laws & condominiums (Chinese)
Fair Housing laws & condominiums (Spanish)

Resources from Housing and Urban Development (HUD):

Common Violations of the Fair Housing Act
Frequently Asked Questions about the Fair Housing Act

News Articles on the Fair Housing Act

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For more information or questions, contact Lourdes Rosa-Carrasquillo, Director of Advocacy, at