What is DRIE? (Spanish, Chinese)
DRIE is a program that protects eligible renters who have disabilities from being priced out of their apartments because of rent increases.  The program pays the amount of the increase so that the rent for the tenant stays the same.

Who is eligible? 
There are five eligibility requirements:

1. You must live in a building that is: Rent controlled or rent stabilized, or  a Mitchell Lama development,  owned by a limited dividend housing company, redevelopment company, or housing development fund company incorporated under the private housing finance law; or
Cooperative Housing organized under Section 213 of the National Housing Act.

2.  You must be the tenant of record (the person whose name is on the lease) and have a disability, or have a spouse or registered domestic partner who has a disability.

3.  You must receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI); Social Security Disability Income (SSDI); Veterans disability pension or compensation; or Disability-related Medicaid;

4.  Your household income must be less than or equal to $19,284 for an individual or
$27,780 for a household with two or more members.

5.   Your rent must equal than one-third of your household’s total income after taxes.

When can I apply? 
If you live in a rent stabilized apartment, you can apply when you receive a renewal lease from your landlord.

All other eligible tenants may apply at any time.  If your application is received within 120 days of your rent increase and is approved, your DRIE benefit will start on the date of the increase. Your landlord must reimburse you for any increase you paid while waiting for your DRIE benefits.  You may have to request reimbursement from the landlord. It is best to  do that in writing.

If your DRIE application is sent in more than 120 days after the date of the rent increase, your benefit will start on the first day of the month after your application is received.  In this case, you pay the rent increase for the months before that day.  That means if you received a rent increase in January and you apply for DRIE in June, your benefit will start on July 1.

What documents do I need to submit with the application?
Your award letter for SSI, SSDI or Veteran’s Disability Pension/Compensation.

Copies of your old lease and new lease if you are in a rent-stabilized building.              

If you are not in a rent-stabilized building, or you cannot submit copies of both leases,
you will need other proof of residence in your specific type of building (contact CIDNY for
more details).

How long will it take to find out if I am eligible? 
For information on the status of your DRIE application or appeal form, call the DRIE unit at (212) 487-6736 or e-mail the Department of Finance at:

Do I have to pay my rent increase if I’ve applied for DRIE?
You have to pay the rent increase while you wait for your application to be approved.  When your DRIE application is approved your landlord will also be notified and is responsible to reimburse you for any overpayment. 

Can I appeal if my application is denied, or if I don’t agree with the rent freeze period, or the amount of the rent freeze or other issues?
Yes. You may send in an application for Appeal of the Disability Rent Increase Exemption within 60 days of the denial. Contact CIDNY if you need help with this.

After I have applied and am accepted for DRIE, do I have to recertify or renew my DRIE benefit?
You must recertify or renew your DRIE benefit at the end of your benefit period.  That date will be on your DRIE Order of Approval form.

How do I recertify or renew my DRIE benefit?
You must complete the Renewal/Recertification Application and send it with a copy of the
new lease or rent order. It should be mailed via “certified mail, return receipt” or faxed with a confirmation that the fax was received and the number of pages. It should go to the NYC Department of Finance address or FAX number listed above.

Where can I get DRIE application or renewal forms and assistance in completing them?
Contact the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities (MOPD):
By mail: MOPD, 100 Gold Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10038,
By telephone: 212-788-2830 TTY: 212-788-2838 or Fax: 212-341-9843.

Where do I send the application? 
Mail the application and documents to:
NYC Department of Finance, Attention: DRIE
59 Maiden Lane – 19th Floor
New York, NY  10038; or
FAX: (212) 232-1757

If you decide to mail the application, you should mail it “certified, returned receipt”.  If you fax it, you should get a confirmation that the fax was received and the number of pages that were sent.

You can also contact CIDNY at 646-442-4186 or 646-442-1512 and ask for a benefits counselor.