ADA Compliance by MLTC/FIDA Plans Project

This project sought to improve Health Plan service for people with disabilities by working with up to six FIDA (Fully Integrated Duals Advantage) Plans helping them to reduce barriers to care and to increase their compliance with the ADA.  We did this by:

1. Reviewing Plan policies and procedures and key documents to identify gaps that need to be remedied;

2. Suggesting modifications for plan materials to provide notice of rights and procedures for accessing assistance and obtaining reasonable accommodations; 

3. Developing training for plan personnel and providers on accessibility and reasonable accommodations based on the ADA and the 3 way contract, and

4. R
eviewing methods for determining whether physician and provider practices are accessible and methods for ensuring that enrollees who need this information in order to obtain care have access to it.

The project has also:

5. Identified recommendations and best practices for the State to employ to ensure that physical access to buildings, equipment and services is sufficient, and

Developed a webinar for plans and DOH ADA compliance personnel.

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