Eat, drink, and make a difference…

The Access Project is a volunteer project at Center for Independence of the Disabled, New York. We have created a database of accessible bars, restaurants, and coffee shops in Manhattan that is available online.

This resource will be a useful start for people with disabilities living in the City who want to socialize with family, friends and co-workers. It will give them a “quick check” on places that will be welcoming.  

In addition, we hope that it will make restaurants aware of people with disabilities as patrons—encouraging establishments to become more accessible.  While our survey is based on ADA measurements and requirements, it does not constitute full ADA compliance; rather it is a snapshot of basic usability.

In short—it is a win-win project.

We train volunteers to “take a snapshot” of usability. Our quick guide is based on standards outlined in the American’s With Disabilities Act (ADA). All the equipment needed—a tape measure and a checklist of features—will be provided by CIDNY. We anticipate offering two trainings to volunteers with a participation rate of 20 volunteers per training. We will identify sites to visit within a limited block radius. We will provide an online survey response tool.

Following the training, teams of two volunteers will go out to a designated area and survey local restaurants, bars, and coffee shops.  CIDNY’s experienced trainers and surveyors will be available by phone for questions volunteers may have during the survey process.

After surveying their areas, volunteers then go online to and enter their findings. We will encourage them to share their thoughts about accessibility in New York and to describe what the project means to them. We are always excited to learn about the experiences of our volunteer surveyors.

The Access Project is practical. It will literally help open doors for persons with disabilities, allowing them to socialize more easily and to know ahead of time if their destination is accessible.  Volunteers and business owners will learn about barriers faced by people with disabilities and be offered help in removing them.

For further information, contact: Neala Havener 646-747-1788 or, or sign up.


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